The grace, strength and ease associated with a Pilates body are all part of the vision of its creator, Joseph Pilates. Conceived before the value of exercise was truly understood or appreciated, Pilates Method was first developed to improved its creator's own health and ended up impacting the way future generations view the role of exercise and health. 

WHAT IS PILATES?      PILATES METHOD is a full-body conditioning system that targets the deep abdominal and back muscles which balance and support the body. Using the key component of core strength, this non-impact technique teaches proper breathing, body awareness and optimal alignment of the spine while simultaneously developing a more stable, powerful, flexible and fluid body. The method naturally encourages better posture, enhanced energy, improved muscle tone and a more focused mind.

HOW DOES IT WORK?     Comprised of both mat work and equipment, the method utilizes your own body weight to assist and challenge. Pilates Method is designed to work the human body as a complete unit and exercises are structured to work entire limbs rather than one muscle group. This creates not only a longer leaner look but also a more integrated body. By stressing the importance of quality over quantity of movement, muscle and breath control become central and repetitions are few but effective. Pilates exercises are unique in that they work seemingly opposing elements: strength alongside flexibility, stability alongside range-of-motion, balance alongside coordination.

The equipment has added value of spring resistance. Gentle on the joints and built with a natural recoil action to stimulate eccentric movement function, the spring-based equipment expands the mat work repertoire and opens the door to a host of additional movement possibilities.

HOW MIGHT IT BENEFIT ME?     Pilates Method has a wide range of exercises and modifications that make it easily adaptable to high level athletes seeking to improve their performance skills to individuals working through various stages of rehabilitation. The technique strengthens your core muscles to support the health, stability and longevity of your spine and integrates your upper and lower extremities. Consistent practice will make you feel longer, taller, stronger, more graceful and balanced. You will find that your breathe more efficiently and move with greater ease. At the heart of the system, the core concepts provide a strong foundation on which to build and incorporate into other forms of fitness and day-to-day activities.